Kayaking on Okanagan Lake Jan29th 2010

4c okanagan lake

Have to watch for rocks while near the shore. The lake is calm this time of the year except for the odd loon. Had to take a little break and take some photos will try and attach them later as I am on my Blackberry right now and don’t have the option while in mobile. Feel free to view them on my Twitter GuyThaLizard is my twitter name. You can see the snow capped mountains in the North and looks like a skiff of snow on the mountains on the West.

Have to wear my fleece pants under my rain pants to keep my legs dry but I am warm. My sandals and socks are a little wet but still warm.

It’s very quiet here no people just me and the lake. It’s now 12:00pm and time to do some more paddling before I have to head off to work but it was well worth getting out on the lake. Missed it in the past months. Spring is coming, I can smell it in the air.


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