Gypsii – Log your world with maps and photos

I have a great app on my Blackberry called “GyPSii” you can get this app for many cellphones. They just did an update to the app and WOW is it cool!! Here is a screen shot of the app.

GyPSii Blackberry App as of Feb 05, 2010

I like to be able to set points of interest while on the go and GyPSii does just what I need. Hit the PlaceMe button and it asks me if I want to add a photo and media. I hit the button and take a photo and it adds it to a point of interest with my info of the place that I entered. Then anyone on the web can view the place and the info. Great for sharing my kayaking trip highlights while paddling on a secluded lake. The other great feature is the internet version. So here is a link for GyPSii for thos interested.

GyPSii PC site on the web as of Feb 05, 2010

Link to this GyPSii blog post:

Happy Blogging on the go!

Guy aka: GuyThaLizard

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