Kayaking Skaha Lake – Kaleden to Okanagan Falls

Kayaking Skaha Lake – Kaleden to Okanagan Falls – March 17th 2010

My friend Robin and myself (GuyThaLizard)

Pioneer Park in KaledenLatitude: 49.385133° NLongitude: 119.581250° W
Okanagan FallsLatitude: 49.347733° NLongitude: 119.579733° W

+12c and Mainly sunny today while we (Robin and I) kayaked from Kaleden to Okanagan Falls.

We put-in at Pioneer Park in Kaleden and paddled to the KVR rail bridge and back. Well I paddled there and back Robin jammed out in Okanagan Falls and waited for me to come back and get him LOL. It took us 1.75hrs to paddle there and took me just over 30 minutes to paddle back and get the car to pick up Robin in Okanagan Falls. Not to say Robin was slow at all but we paddled the shore from Kaleden to Okfalls and I paddled as a crow flies back. Shaving much time off.

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