Here is a great app for Blackberry that should be included in every new Blackberry.
What it does is if you loose your Blackberry or if it gets stolen and your BB has access to the internet email it will allow you to send a code and password and have it do the following:

*immobilized (to render it useless to others by only showing a enter password to access even if it is rebooted),

*set off an alarm (to help you locate it),

*send your email a Google map of it’s location if you have GPS enabled on your BB

*and last but not least, it can completely wipe out your memory card and internal memory (only if you enter the code and password).

I have this app installed and have tried all the functions, with the exception of the wipe feature and it all worked well. I am impressed with this app and don’t have to worry about anything knowing that I shouldn’t have a problem locating it in the event of loss or stolen Blackberry. (MORE..)


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