Kayak: Exploring Okanagan Lake GPS Points-Of-Interest

Kayak: Exploring Okanagan Lake GPS Points-Of-Interest

This is for those Okanagan Valley GPS map freaks like me. Some of my favourite points-of-interest (GPS waypoints) on Okanagan Lake. Area Map

This is a great little cave on the edge of Okanagan Lake. Only accessible via water. Not occupied by animal life as far as I have ever noticed. Over the winter the pea-gravel floor cave collects drift-wood and is quite dry by summer for a fire. This cave is about the size of a 4 person dome tent. I am able to pull my 14′ kayak right in the cave, have a campfire on the other side and still have room for my camp-cot. I call it..


My favourite place to paddle to from Penticton or Indian Rock every year is Rattlesnake Island. 7hr paddle from Penticton each way and about 4hrs from Indian Rock each way.


Large provincial park camp-ground on bay, on Okanagan Lk East side.  

A little South of Commando Bay is a little cove called Gerrys. This is a great spot if Commando Bay is full.


This is only a part list I hope someone can make use of it. “If you are curious about any of these or have any questions please feel free to contact me on my Live Blog. My contact info is in the top menu.” ~Guy


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