Monopod for my Camera on my Kayak

Was having problems shooting over my gear so had to get creative on how to get my camera up high enough to get the tip of my kayak and my subject in the photo without getting all my gear. So this is what I came up with.



The Monopod for my camera is mounted using Broomstick Hangers. The rubber type.


Using PVC pipe cut in lengths about 1 inch long and then split to snap over the pipe like a collar are used as a slide once snapped into the broomstick holder it allows monopod to adjust from side to side for adjustments to aim the camera where I want it aimed.


The monopod will extend 5 feet tall if needed. Using the broomstick hangers it allows for quick removal and is a “snap” to put back on the seat.




So now with the camera raised to a good height this is the result of my work. More subject and less gear.



as opposed to the photo below.


The Monopod was about $24.00 at Staples and the Broomstick hanger pack of two was about $7.00 at Zellars. The broomstick holder on the bottom is screwed into the hollow seat. The top is at this time on velcro because I am waiting for a lake of glass to find level, but until such time I will adjust with the velcro mount to set the horizon.


Happy kayaking!


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