Check this out: Cam Crate: DSLR Life Proof Camera Case


I don’t advertise product on my blog but sometimes I do come across products useful or handy for the outdoors and especially kayaking. I received this email (below) today from Ian in Massachusetts and had a look at this product. Though I don’t currently have a DSLR camera I do have some kayaking friends who do and might be interested. Here is the email below and if you are interested feel free to contact the link. Thanks for the info Ian, it looks like it would be great for kayaking. Thanks Ian for sharing the info with me. ~Guy

“Thought you may want to blog this week about this new DSLR camera case, it seems perfect for kayaking as it’s waterproof, shockproof and floats: CamCrate details and video: It’s on so basically it’s a preorder to help fund production and this guy’s new company. It’s down to the wire as the project just needs 35 more orders by this Friday at 5:55pm to make it happen. At $50 with free shipping looks like a great deal. note: I’m just a project “backer” hoping to make this real, I don’t know the inventor.
Thanks, Ian in Massachusetts “


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