UpComing EVENTS & TRIPS (Canoe&Kayaking)


I am in the process of creating a dedicated page for upcoming kayak or canoe trips and events.

The plan is to have a site for posting Meet-ups for Canoe trips, Kayaking Trips, Get Togethers with your paddle buddies and related events. With the focus on the Okanagan Valley and Shuswap areas.

I have added a link to the free site NeedToMeet NeedtoMeet – Find a Time to Meet for trip planning where an organiser can create an event then post the link on the site for friends and followers to join in the event fun. The NeedToMeet link will provide a form for the location, times, and info etc that can be added to a post by one of the Contributors (pre-selected contributors). I have emailed the contributors with the link to this site and will be looking forward to seeing how it works out.

Feel free to bookmark or “Follow” the site to keep up to date on the new events or trips that come up and If you want to join us on an event or trip add a comment indicating or follow the RSVP that may be provided.

GuyThaLizard’s LIVE BLOG has a link to the site at the top of the screen labeled UpComingEVENTS&TRIPS if you are a website owner for a canoe or kayaking related site feel free to add the link if you wish to your menu.

If you are also interested in paddling in the Shuswap be sure to check out Matt’s info on the Shuswap area https://shuswapkayaks.wordpress.com


Hope you like the new UpComingEVENTS&TRIPS site http://guythalizard-kayak.posterous.com/


~Guy Hoffman aka: GuyThaLizard KAYAKokanagan


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