Kayaking: May Long Weekend Indian Rock to Rattlesnake Island 2012


Kayaking trip to Rattlesnake Island, started off with a head wind from the North and continued all weekend.  We managed to make it as far as Buchan Bay (N49 42.715 W119 42.237 3miles away from Rattlesnake Island) and enjoyed the sunset then in the morning the wind picked up again, but to cross Squally Point with a strong head wind wasn’t wise so we aborted the plan to continue and turned back after the night at Buchan Bay. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable trip by all. Lots of great photos and video clips to squeese into this video but was unable to get them all in. Check my LIVE BLOG post for more.



We all got wet from the cold water from the waves. Kathy gets Splash Over recorded in Time Laps,  LOL


Watch Video (when finished processing) on YouTube






Lake Effect weather on Okanagan Lake

Guy (Tha Lizard) Hoffman

Okanagan Lake is a large beautiful lake to paddle and explore but always be prepared for waves and wind. I have noticed when the forecast says wind from the South for some reason (Lake Effect) changes to a North wind and visa-versa. I have noticed 90% of the time, at least on the South end of the lake, the wind blows from the North in the morning then changes to a South wind sometime between 11am & 3pm almost all days, especially Spring and Summer. To catch the wind right for Squally Point you almost always have to paddle early in the morning, late in the evening when the wind is non-existent or just a light breeze or in the daytime when you can catch a tail-wind to push you past the point. I rarely attempt crossing this point with a head wind. I would rather wait for a tail wind if or no wind if timing is good. They named this point well, the wind squalls on this point are wild at times with the wind and waves going in all directions. Looking at the map above you can see how Squally Point in on the bend of Okanagan Lake and as the wind blows towards the point you will have waves going into the point and bouncing back from the point as well causing quite the uncontrollable washboard effect. In the wind and waves staying well out from the rock cliffs on point is the best place to be. I ALWAYS watch the waves and don’t let my kayak be sideswiped by them, keep my nose aimed into them and ride over them square-on. This makes for a rough ride but I have a lot more control to the other side. I would attempt crossing with a tail wind and a sail but not with a strong head wind.


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