Kayaking weekend at Vaseux Lake July 13-14 2012

Video DAY1 July13th 2012: Kayaking Vaseux Lake looking for a quick spot to set up camp as the lightning storm approaches in the sunset from the North.

Video DAY2 July14th 2012:

The weekend started (Friday July13th) with thunderstorms to the North but wasn’t too bad after our night of mosquittos on a quick, makeshift, little camp at 9pm.   (looking forward to sharing the lightning video clips with you all soon) 


Saturday July14th, After our morning ViSalus shakes for breakfast we headed off with Robin and Brian to explore the North end of the lake where the Bird Santuary Lookout is.


Here is a clip of the Sanctuary Lookout



 Rona and Frank joined us at the island and paddled to the Lagoons on the South end for a dip in the lagoon to cool off as Robin and Brian headed to shore. 


Turned out to be a great weekend paddle with friends, we are working on the main video for this trip and will be ready hopefully tomorrow. Hope you enjoy some of the photo highlights in the meantime.


Kayakers: Robin Dunham, Brian, Rona, Brian, Kathy McA and myself (GuyThaLizard)



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