InSearchOf: Alleged drowning of a girl on Skaha Lake July30th2012

It has been a sad couple days.

Yesterday 12 year old girl from Kamloops on vacation with her family lost her footing on Skaha Lake while standing on a sandbar and is believed to have drowned. Today I went out on my own to help with the search. Later Kathy McA joined me. RCMP and Search & Rescue were already out and had divers in the water looking. So far as of 11pm this evening nothing. While the temperature was 31c and a water temp of 26c vacationers continued as usual, beaches were packed with people probably unaware of what has happened. Boaters with water skiers going by enjoying the water.



We were later met with a freak rainstorm that came from the West and halfway across the lake then headed North through town. This slowed the search as well as all the boaters causing extra waves in the lake near the Okanagan River Channel.


If you are in the area tomorrow with your kayak please help with the search. The girl is 12 years old with a pink 2 piece bathing suit. My heart goes out to the family.


Here are some video clips of today.


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