Our Rattlesnake Island Kayak Camping (TripLog August2012)

After much video editing and sorting here is our post of our trip to Rattlesnake Island



Great weather on the 4&5th of August temps were near 38c almost all weekend. Monday the 6th we were met with high winds as we paddled back the last 0.4 miles. Kathy McA and I were met with Kayakers Rick and Nikki who paddled from Indian Rock to the boundry of Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park. They paddled back with us thru an unbelievable wind and waves. If you want to see a crazy cliff dive check out the video part3 (Part3: Leaving the Island August 5th 2012).




Met some great people along the way one of which I have a photo. “Hello Jory from Calgary great to meet you and chat on the Island”



Here are some photo highlights and 4 videos of the trip.


Rattlesnake Island Kayak Trip Part1: Heading to the Island Aug4th2012



Part2: Circumnavigating the island Kayak -Aug5th2012


Part3: Leaving the Island August 5th 2012


Part4 The Final Stretch Aug6th2012


PHOTOS: August5th 2012

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