Cool websites (Kayaking Related) that I use.

I am on Facebook and was doing a search for chatrooms for Facebook and found this site called “Chat About” its an interesting chat site as it links your interests.

I started a chat about Kayaking just to test it out. while in your message you happen to type a chat about camping or another subject that someone else has a topic on it ads a link to that word that you may click on and find a whole chatroom on that subject. I wish FB would add this into their main menus.


Another great site is EveryTrail. It is a GPS and Photo site. It will map your photos with your GPS track and display the photos along the GPS track that you created on your trip, all kinds of trips are posted ie: road trips, hiking trips, camping trips, ski trips etc world wide. It allows you to post a photo map of your trip on your blog too.



Circumnavigating Skaha Lake by kayak

EveryTrail – Find the best hikes in California and beyond


Well have fun out there and paddle safe!



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