KAYAKING GEAR: GMRS 2-Way RADIOS Waterproof & 56km range.

I posted this about 5 months ago and had to re-post it again today, I saw them again today at London Drugs for only $129.00 these are great for kayaking and safety. 🙂


I have a pair and don’t go on paddle trips without them. If I go out alone I leave the other at home turned on and waiting if there ever is an emergency or if we go out paddling together or in a group we both pack these radios close by and turned on. These are waterproof and also have a LED flashlight built into the bottom. They also have the Weather Band with Weather Alert. With the 56km range it will cover quite a distance on the lake. If anything unexpected happens and we get separated we are always within radio communication. These radios do not need to be licenced and they come with a rechargeable 3.6v battery or will also use 3 standard AA batteries if you run out of power. They are GMRS radios with many channel and code combinations. Safety is important.

These radios came in handy when we were in the Shuswap while kayaking, where one of the paddler’s kayak had overturned and we able to assist and give communication up river as to how we were going to be able to best help out, also on other occasions one of us had an emergancy and had to break away from the group to head back to camp and return later to the group. Cell-Phones do not always have a connection but these radios do not need cell towers and can also all be set to the same channel and codes for group paddle trips and everyone has communication. If you paddle with us or plan to meet up with us we are normally tuned to Channel 3 Code 16.

Paddle Safe!


Additional Notes:


BestBuy has them for $99.00
Motorola Waterproof GMRS 2-Way Radio (MS560CR) – Yellow

Motorola’s GMRS 2-Way Radio has a range of up to 56 kilometers. This radio is waterproof and it floats, even with batteries. Without a doubt, this is the most full featured model from Motorola, a must for anyone on the water, or spending a lot of time outdoors.

Product Features
  • A range of up to 56kms under favorable conditions

  • Waterproof

  • Submersible to 1 meter for 30 Minutes

  • Waterproof battery compartment

  • Radio with batteries floats on fresh water surface

  • 22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes for 2662 combinations

  • Dual Power: 27hr alkaline or 9hr

  • 11 weather channels with alert feature

  • Flashlight LED

  • Headphone connector

  • Backlit display

  • Audible low battery alert/ LCD battery meter

  • Keypad lock

  • 10 call tones

    My Previous Post:

    The other day I picked up a set of waterproof GMRS two-way radios, something I’ve wanted for some time & thanks to birthday bucks from my family encouraged me to go ahead and get them. They will make a great addition to our paddle trips. Managed to test them out last week when we went kayak fishing. Excellent audio clearity, weather band 24hrs a day, 56km range (under ideal conditions) and best of all waterproof and they float. found these Motorola Talkabout MS560 at London Drugs Click here for more info (The US version is much the same but with the repeater function the MR350R). 

    Posted 5 months ago 


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