How to keep geese from inhabiting your space


How to keep geese from inhabiting your space. 


We already had rope around the edge of our dock when we moved in but the geese still populated the lawn by the beach. After chasing them off the lawn many times with air-horns, rakes and all sorts of things. The geese would only go out on the lake about 50 feet then wait till I went back in the house. My kayaking friend Robin Dunham told me of an idea his friend had that worked. It was just putting a length of thin rope along the shoreline about 1 foot up from the ground. Well as you can see it works.  

Before putting the rope along the shore I would spend almost every day after work raking and shoveling about 5 gallon pail of goose crap off the lawn. Though it may make good fertilizer it made for no walking barefoot on the lawn.

So if you have the same problem just grab a spool of rope and some short stakes and have some fun!

~ GuyThaLizard (


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