GuyThaLizard’s Outdoor SOCIAL Network is UP & Running come Join!

Introducing “GuyThaLizard’s Outdoor SOCIAL Network”


I have had this site for quite some time but now have finally made it one of my focus sites. It is a FREE site and free to join download/upload share.

I have rebuilt the site and am working to improve the site (I need your logging in and feedback).

GuyThaLizard’s Outdoor SOCIAL Network It is a SOCIAL NETWORK where you, my friends and followers, can join (or as the site calles it “Register”) and share your photos, videos, forum messages, post your own blogs, of your experiences in the great outdoors. Whether you are a kayaker, backpacker, camping enthusiast, skiier, bird watcher or a beach bum, outdoor landscape photographer or what have you. If you like the outdoors come join us.

New features include

  • “TheSprings ONLINE Chat” (where you can chat with myself or others online.). 
  • Cooliris YouTube and photo viewer on the Bottom Toolbar
  • Intrigration to Facebook, Twitter, PinIt and and many others has also been added for log in and sharing etc.
  • Forum is set up where you can add discussions of your own topics.
  • Photo galleries have the option to add music to your slideshows
  • and much more you can even get my GPS list to over 50 hotsprings in BC Canada.


I hope you will come join us, explore the new site and share with us your outdoor experiences. This site has no borders, open to all outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Click here:  GuyThaLizard’s Outdoor SOCIAL Network 


Snapshot of the site


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