My update on my Blogger site (KAYAK Okanagan on Blogger)

RE: GuyThaLizard’s KAYAK OKANAGAN on Blogger


Did some major updates on my “Blogger” blog. Added more links, expanded the site to better cover new updates as they come in from all my sources, changed the layout, removed dead links and widgets. Added new video links to my latest YouTube videos, added my latest photostream, etc and many more fratures. I hope you like the new layout.

Here is a screenshot



Yes fall/winter is when things slow down for me here in the Okanagan Valley and it gives me more time to update my websites and blogs. Here at Posterous (my LIVE Blog) is the main source for all my blogs. It’s hard to keep up with them all and I hate to remove old blogs especially when I have dedicated readers on them so if I can autopost to them to keep them up to date it works out great, and thats why Posterous is my main blog because it will autopost to all my sources and keep them all up to date within a few minutes.


~ GuyThaLizard (

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