SKAHA LAKE: ShuswapKayaks & KAYAKokanagan Nov6th 2012

Skaha Lake

KAYAKokanagan Kayaking with ShuswapKayaks

Nov6th 2012

KAYAKokanagan Kayaking with ShuswapKayaks, Matt and his paddle companion “KCee” (pronounced KayCee). on Skaha Lake in Penticton. We started off with a beautiful calm lake, when we got to Banburrygreen (where we turned around) we were met with rain and some wind and a few little waves. Was an and enjoyable and interesting day of paddling. After our return to our launch area we were met with Kathy McA who had a hot crackling fire in the firepit and BBQ smokies with hot soup and coffee. What an awesome day! Hope you like the video. ~Guy



Video will be live soon, check back if not live!



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Photos: ShuswapKayaks & GuyThaLizard


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