UPDATE: re DO NOT BUY – YARDWORKS Electric Chainsaws


  UPDATE: November, 21, 2012 


 Since the posting of the Video/Blog: 

 DO NOT BUY – YARDWORKS Electric Chainsaws – CANADIAN TIRE Nov14, 2012

 Published on Nov 14, 2012 by GuyThaLizardVIDEOS



I received no response, apologies or anything from Canadian Tire or YARDWORKS and thinking I would never receive any compensation re the above. Today, on Nov 21, 2012 I received a phone call from Sunrise Global Marketing Inc –   Markham, Ontario, Canada. 1-905-470-2181. They gave me a reference # and told me to take the reference # and the saw back to where I purchased it. Yardworks and Canadian Tire (Penticton) did not apologise to me, but Canadian Tire did refunded my purchase today.


 It is amazing, the power of the web!




~GuyThaLizard at: http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com 


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