“Robin’s Poggies & Spray Skirt” Skaha Lake Kayaking Dec31st2012

Today the temp was -3c with a 10 kmh Head Wind from the South while paddling on the lake with Robin Dunham. We paddled into the wind to the Dog Beach, about one hour from our put-in spot. The wind felt quite brisk against the face but we dressed accordingly for the cold weather paddling.

As we passed by the reeds in the water, there was Ice forming at the lake edge of the reeds that looked like little Christmas ornament bulbs. 


Robin purchased a Spray Shirt  for his kayak yesterday and Pogies for his paddle to keep himself warm. Robin says it made a huge difference he also said I looked like a kayak robber today, but.. you got to do what you got to do to stay warm. 


The old Dog Beach was our “Turn-around point”, about one hour South of our Put-In spot.


With the overcast sky and the wind it  felt  that  much colder paddling today. In one of the shots may be hard for you to see but there are about 4 swans ahead of us, they were keeping an eye on us as we passed by. Back at our Put-In spot where the reeds are, managed to snap a few pics to show you.



YouTube Video (When it’s finished processing)





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