Wonderful Experience of Discovery – Skaha Lake


A blog post linked to my kayaking photos/videos posted from a friend I met on an awesome photography site called Addict-A-Pic http://addictapic.com/profiles/blogs/wonderful-experience-of-discovery I had to share the post.


Thank you Greg Buck for your encouragement!



Wonderful Experience of Discovery!

The other day I made a comment on a members Image that I found to be very good, except for one small thing that distracted me in the foreground of the image.

I asked the photographer if he could clone out the distracting thing in the foreground to make the image more acceptable to view.

He appreciated my concern, but then explained why it is there in the shot. His explanation why it needed to be there, changed my whole outlook on my comment and I apologised, suggesting if he sold the image maybe it could be cloned out. But maybe not. His explanation was correct.

In his explanation he invited me to view his UTube videos to see his works results and to see and understand his point of view. 

This is the Link: U Tube on Kayaking on SKaha Lake 

The video was simply amazing! There are other videos available that are equal, if not better, that will amaze you. 

I can recommend that all members take the time and visit this UTube presentation and be in aw of such beauty of this great wilderness. 

The owner of this amazing work is member, KAYAKokanagan.  a man with wonderful talent and a love of his country and wilderness, he lives in.

I guess the point of my blog is, when we ask questions or research for answers, we sometimes find hidden treasures that can open up a whole new world of understanding.

Everyone does a certain thing for a reason and if we can open up that reason, we may find something incredible, that will bring people together that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to do.

This is what Addictapic.com is all about. Finding new things that can open our minds and hearts to help us understand about cultures and lives of others around this big world. 

Many thanks to Guy,  KAYAKokanagan for his open and inviting words that has inspired me greatly.


 U Tube on Kayaking on SKaha Lake 

Thank You

Greg Buck

Perth, Western Australia

visit my website at WINK and BLINK PHOTOGRAPHY.com.au


~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com

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