Removing Mounting for Swann FREESTYLE Camera to reuse mount on another kayak

Removing one of my camera mounts on my Oldtown kayak to use on the Tsunami kayak. The mount is used for the Swann Freestyle Camera (Similar to the old GoPro cameras). The mount originally had gray 3M double-sided tape on the base. I found a roll of gray Scotch Brand 3M Exterior Double-sided Tape, the package reads “Super Strong” Water-Resistant. The tape I found at Staples for $5.00.




This video is the process of removing the mounting bracket, removing the old tape from the mount then refitting the mount with new tape for remounting on the Tsunami kayak.


After much research on the web majority of the info recommended using “Gray” 3M Double-Sided Exterior tape. The tape on the mount is gray in colour and had 3M on the protective tape, if I remember correctly while removing the backing to mount the camera the first time.

Hope the video helps someone out there doing the same or similar.



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